25 thoughts on “Why Her- Monica Lyrics On Screen

  1. This is my song right here , my ex and I were together for 9 months and so he went to mexico to visit his family and he’s all like ” i think we should just be friends ” ..he found “her” so im like “why her ?” 2 weeks ago he wanted me back and i kept telling him no you screwed up so your lost , now im happy with my new boyfriend , he’s nothing like my ex , he’s waaayyy better c; so ladie’s be careful , and remember all of you are beautiful with or without a boyfriend c;

  2. I recently heard this song on Pandora.. When I heard it, I was like.. Damn! My ex boyfriend and I were together from May 26th, 2011 to somewhere in the middle of June.. We stopped talking and arguing became consistent. During that time a girl was moving in on him, and shortly after we broke up, they were together. No one will ever treat him like I did. OH FUCKING WELL!

  3. Sitting here in the dark for hours… im no longer asking why her but why me? what did I do to you so bad that out of all people you decided to hurt me the most:/

  4. muy mo is going through this and im pissed im bout to go through this is wtf is this tbh: NEVER TRUST NO MAN THESE DAYS!!!! Soo Bye And He Know Who Im Talkin Bout

  5. -Thiss Remindd mhee of howw youu chosee her over mhee :’( ..noww wenn ii see himm ii bee likee whyy he ,,imaa standd talk andd walk on youu :(

  6. Im Going Through Somethings Right Now… But Ive Also Realized That You Should Never Tell SomeOne That You Love Them && Go With Somebody Else && Let Them Treat You Wrong… So To My Ex… This Is Our Last Goodbye !

  7. I remember four years ago I was washing dishes and was playing this song and I broke down right in front of my son, because my ex left me for someone else. Now four years later he has a baby by a chick that clowns him in the store in front of ppl he know and ppl he don’t know. Remember what go’s around comes around, and you will get yours in the end.

  8. @CherrishS tel it i agree wit dhis… its da same wit mine except we were 2gether fa 9 nd a half months nd he wlks bac n my life nd now wnts 2 leave smh why her??

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