what is the song gives you h e ll about?

Question by Alice: what is the song gives you h e ll about?
i was just wondering because i can’t seem to figure it out! thanks!

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Answer by Luv2shopA&F
someone told me it is about a guy who left the band and just wants back in but has to choose between his wife or his band… hope this helps!

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  1. In the song “Gives You Hell” by The All American Rejects, lead singer, Tyson Ritter is talking about the drastically different lifestyles that he and one of his ex-girlfriends are now living. He’s not afraid to be bitter about the whole situation. In verse one he draws contrast between his lifestyle and hers by the lyrics:

    “I wake up every evening
    With a big smile on my face
    And it never feels out of place
    And you’re still probably workin’
    At a 9 to 5 pace”

    The pre-chorus is a little funny because it is very deceptive-one moment talking about loss and missing someone but then flat out admitting that your lying.

    The chorus is Tyson’s way of saying “You had me, your loss…oh and I hope your pissed about your decision” . He’s communicating that he lives the life of a rockstar and she decided to leave and now he hopes she’s miserable about it. In the second verse Tyson is pointing out that material things can’t buy love. He hopes that she deeply regrets her decision to leave him and in the hook he tells her how it is:

    “Now you’ll never see
    What you’ve done to me
    You can take back your memories
    They’re no good to me
    And here’s all your lies
    You can look me in the eyes
    With the sad, sad look
    That you wear so well”

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