24 thoughts on “The Beatles – Dear Prudence

  1. Dang it! You didn’t do as I said.
    Look, there’s no reason for me to get mad at a comment I really didn’t think much of (hence why I trolled you in the last bit).

    I don’t have a problem to anybody replying to my comment, but seeing as though you need attention, you scrolled through all the comments, saw mine, and thought “Let me reply to something that’s 4 months old. Hehe. SO CLEVER.”

    P.S. Are you a cat person?

  2. Wat. WAT.
    Everything you said made absolutely no sense.
    They said “can someone please invent a time machine” and you said music, but YouTube would be more efficient as a time machine.
    I do honestly believe you are angered by my comment. I take this as a compliment as I wasn’t even trying.

    Also I just read your comment a month ago. You’re an idiot for your reply. Lol…. If you don’t want people to reply to your comment, remove it!

  3. It’s called you being 5 months late on replying to a comment. We’d still have music even if there was no YouTube. Let’s not split hairs.

    You should totally take that lipstick you used in your photo, and draw a big ‘L’ on your forehead. After that, go ahead and make it your new pic, don’t reply if you decide not to.

  4. its always fun to discover a Beatles song one has never heard before…. and this is no exception: some *very* interesting musical things going on here!!!! Thanks so much for posting it.

  5. If this is an inquiry, the band members were quoted as saying they felt they could do no more creatively as a group, so they split. A lot of people think it’s because John started dating Yoko and it went downhill from there as tensions mounted.

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