Sharon Irving "America's Got Talent" Video: "Imagine" Performance Would Make

Sharon Irving "America's Got Talent" Video: "Imagine" Performance Would Make
It was so unbelievably fitting then when Irving sang John Lennon's classic, with the lyrics, “You may say I'm dreamer/But I'm not the only one.” The contestant had to choke back some tears towards the end, and Mel B was also moved. She said afterward …
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Blank Realm: Illegals in Heaven review – the perfect marriage of pop, art and
Listening to Daniel Spencer belt out the lyrics to No Views (“I've been spitting blood in the dirt, baby, I'm tired but I'm ready to fight”) – is exhilarating, his earlier tremulous yelp replaced by something desperate and crazed. Sarah Spencer gets a …
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Adult-only 'Showgirls' spoof promises to be better than the original — PHOTOS
And an audition number features casino mogul and producer Tony Moss (Stephen R. Sisson) advising "Bitches" hopefuls, to the tune of Prince's "Kiss," with these reassuring lyrics: "You don't have to read, you don't have to be good … " As Moss reminds …
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