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George Lopez: 'Compton' Snub Proves It … Indians Are Taking Over!!
We ain't come a long way, baby … is what George Lopez takes from "Straight Outta Compton" getting zero Golden Globe nominations, but there's great news for transgenders and … Indians. George seemed genuinely upset about the 'GG' diss … saying it …

The Bridge recap: series three, episodes five and six – the killer goes highbrow
SPOILER ALERT: This is for people watching The Bridge at BBC4 pace. Don't read on if you haven't seen episodes five and six of the third series – and if you've seen further ahead, please do not post spoilers. You can read the episodes one, two, three …
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Three Alberta sisters suffocated by grain while playing on family farm
Authorities said the incident happened around 6.15pm when the girl's were playing on a truck loaded with canola and were buried under the grain which caused them to suffocate. 'The girls were with their parents, and while the truck was being unloaded …
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Through my eyes: “I stand tall and am proud of leaving that wasted kid behind.”
The unity that bands like Have Heart and Carry On, have written lyrics about for so long is simply the result of hundreds of kids making these difficult individual choices, and receiving support from those of a similar mindset. This world can suffocate …
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Jessica Mauboy says anxiety attack led to her cancelling Melbourne Cup anthem
"Four minutes before I am about to be walked out from the green room, people on one side are bickering with people on another side and it started to suffocate me," she said. "It was crazy and I didn't know what … "Before every performance, you need …
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Disabled Florida man STANDS BY wife Cherry Olds who tried to suffocate him
A disabled man reportedly believes he is at fault for making his professor wife of 25 years snap and try to suffocate him. Polk State professor Cherry Olds, 59, has been accused of trying to kill her longtime spouse, 57-year-old James Olds, at the …
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