Really good song lyrics to make my status?

Question by Valerie Star: Really good song lyrics to make my status?
Sorry its kind of a dumb question but whatever. Do you know any really good song lyrics to make my status? I like mostly hip hop, hippie music, and rap haha thanks in advance.

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Answer by Bob The Builder
never mind what haters say, ignore them till they fade away .. (T.I – live your life)

work it, make it, do it, makes us harder, better, faster, stronger … (Kanye West – Stronger)

i fly with the stars in the skies, i am no longer trying to survive, i believe that life is a prize, but to live doesnt mean your alive … (Nicky Minaj – Moment 4 life)

she coulda been a movie star, never got the chance to go that far.. her life was stole, now we’ll never know … (Kelly Rowland – stole)

straighten up little soldier, stiffen up that upper lip what you crying about? you got me .. (Eminem – Mocking bird)

things will never be the same, thats just the way it is .. ( Tupac – Changes)

biggie biggie biggie cant you see sometimes your words just hypnotize me .. (Biggie Smalls – hypnotize)

you had alot of moments that didnt last forever, now your in the corner trynna put it together.. how to love … (lil wayne – how to love)

If you let me, heres what i’ll do, i’ll take care of you … (Drake ft Rihanna – take care)

swag aint something you can wear on ya neck, you can buy a chain but you cant buy respect .. (Keri Hilson- Turn my swag on)

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