Amazing Silver Heart Horse Pendant Necklace Crazy My Little Pony Lover Jewelry Girl Woman Teen Christmas Gift

Amazing Silver Heart Horse Pendant Necklace Crazy My Little Pony Lover Jewelry Girl Woman Teen Christmas Gift

Amazing Silver Heart Horse Pendant Necklace Crazy My Little Pony Lover Jewelry Girl Woman Teen Christmas Gift

  • THEME: Unique and attractive heart and horse pendant – Perfect way to say “I love horses” in a style – packaged in a black velvet drawstring bag for easy gift-giving
  • DETAILS: Adjustable link chain 17.3 to 19.7 inches – adjustable for little girl or woman
  • QUALITY: Rhodium plated base metal – exceptional unique heart horse design
  • GIFT IDEAS/SEASONS: Great gift choice for special occasions such as a Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Wedding, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day – Perfect for girlfriend, daughter, wife, mom, best friend, sister, etc.
  • WARRANTY INCLUDED: Buy now and join other happy customers – Satisfaction guaranteed by Embolden Jewelry┬« the brand you can trust

Horse necklace for women, girls and teen girls has shiny anti tarnish metal alloy. Its pendant is attractive silver horse heart design, best way to say “I love horses” with confidence and style. The chain is durable and adjustable. This is a unique and beautiful pony necklace for horse lovers and a perfect gift for young girl, cowgirl or the mature equestrian lady. Made of top quality material and designed to last a long time. Embolden Jewelry┬« brings you a wide selection of heart jewelry to ch

List Price: $ 189.99


International Singer CoConi Signs with Silver Visibility and Eclectic Media Productions

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) June 15, 2013

Silver Visibility and Eclectic Media Productions are pleased to announce that CoConi has become it’s newest superstar.

CoConi is an internationally known pop singer who has toured around the world.

The recipe for CoConi’s success is a bowl full of her self penned poetica, catchy hooks, magnetic melodies, then pour over Ed Gilmour’s edgy electronica tinged pop tunes and bake together with CoConi’s powerful full range vocals, serve up piping hot to a hungry excited audience.

CoConi sang before she spoke at age 4. Tragedy struck CoConi at age 6. Living in California, her tight knit family was torn apart when her father was killed in a car wreck. CoConi disappeared into an inner world, her cocoon and the only emerged when singing.

Appearing on an L.A cable T.V show for new talent at age 7, CoConi covered Cyndi Lauper and Disney’s Pocahontas “Just Around The River Bend”.

CoConi’s confidence grew through her 12th year, she perfected her circus skills by Street Performance for tips at Clearwater Beach, St. Pete, and St. Augustine. Talent scouted by Azuree Talent Agency, Orlando and auditioning for Ringling Bros annual T.V. Campaign. She secured the role of juggling and unicycling in “What’s Up With The Kids” national commercial.

Mixing it up with her beach shows of juggling and/or singing, CoConi sang regularly at karaoke bars, where the KJ encouraged her to write her first song. Penning the melody and lyrics he prepared the backing tracks and they recorded at the Bowling Alley at age 13. CoConi guested with the KJ’s working band and eventually secured a regular duo spot performing at Clearwater Beach, FL and around the Tampa Bay area.

Once again scouted by John Cassablanca Modeling Agency Tampa, she studied T.V. and Print and graduated successfully in 6 months rather than the usual year of training.

Gaining entry to a UK College at 15 yrs, CoConi studied performing arts for 2 years. Forming her 3 piece band playing bass and singing lead vocals, she clocked up 300 gigs touring the midlands with both covers and originals over a 3 year period. This financed recording her bedroom albums.

Winning an Asda Talent competition with an original song, the prize a fully produced recording of her pop song “Be on the Train”. “Be on the Train” was so popular at her arts college, they funded the making of her first video to go along with the track. This song caught the attention of local media and at 18 she was invited to open for the likes of Natasha Beddingfield; James Taylor Quartet and production of The Bouncers.

She was introduced to Ed Gilmour (The Wishplants) and Simon Efemey (Producer to Orson, Wildhearts, and Wonderstuff) in order to write new material. The colabortaion of Ed’s music, CoConi’s lyrics and melodies crafted her debut album “Venusian Butterfly” over a 2 year period.

Entering “Get Your Light Up” into the pod world, she reached #1 on The Pod Music Countdown, a highly influential music podcast reaching 200,000. Adam Curry “The Podfather” the guy who started Podcasting, released the single to his audiences reaching up to 700,000 listeners worldwide and “Get Your Light Up” became the 19th most played single in the whole podcast network in 2007.

A mini tour in the U.S. saw CoConi opening for P.M. Dawn; a solo tour of Starbucks Tampa Bay; Headline slot at Colorama Music Hudson;invited to open at the Film Festival of American Teen in Orlando.

CoConi was featured as a guest singer to record vocals on Jerome Bigfoot Brailey’s (Parliament Funkadelics) RnB project from Mello Bondz album and starred in his Video single.

At 22 CoConi catapulted into the UK with her catchy highly addictive debut single “Get Your Light Up” achieving critical acclaim from musical accolades such as Dermot O’Leary at BBC Radio 2 and Gary Crowley at BBC London and played on their new release shows.

Invited to play at Sam Samuels (SEB Collective) prestigious London Showcases including the Embassy London, Freedom Soho, Coffee Festival, and Earls Court Festival CoConi gained notoriety.

Shannon Rose’s excitement at teaming with CoConi cannot he hidden. ‘CoConi has overcome so much in her life and has become a superstar at an incredibly young age. I am thrilled to be able to help to take her to the next level with the release of her newest album, ‘Venusian Butterfly.’”

“Venusian Butterfly” is a collection of twelve original compositions, representing CoConi’s musical journey from a confining Chrysalis, metamorphosing through the stages of self growth, inner understanding, realization to freedom of flight as a beautiful vibrant butterfly. Produced and mixed by Simon Efemey (of Orson, Wildhearts and Wonderstuff fame), buoyant tracks such as ”Say It Again” and ”Dynamite” contrast with darker songs of past love losses and heartache including “Taking The Blame” and ”Sarah”. CoConi has been compared musically to the quirky energy of Kate Bush meets the rockier Evanescence with a pinch of Tori Amos in the vocals.

CoConi is represented by Silver Visibility and Eclectic Media Productions, International PR firms and is available for interviews and performances. Please contact info(at)mediaproductions(dot)tv for more information.

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