Rocky Mountain Homecoming Reviews

Rocky Mountain Homecoming

Rocky Mountain Homecoming

  • DVD
  • Gaither & Friends
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  • 5550264382

01. Colorado (Featuring Wesley Pritchard, Reggie And Ladye Love Smith) 02. That’s When The Angels Rejoice (Featuring The Gaither Vocal Band) 03. He’s Alive (Featuring Lauren Talley) 04. Praise You (Featuring The Talley Trio) 05. He Must Have Had A Mountain On His Mind (Featuring Ivan Parker) 06. Castles In The Sand (Featuring The Booth Brothers) 07. Sing, Sister, Sing (Featuring Jeff And Sheri Easter, Lillie Knauls) 08. America, The Beautiful (Featuring The Gaither Vocal Band) 09. The Workshop O

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