Rising Country Music Star Embarks on “Not the Same Girl” Summer Acoustic Tour

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) August 15, 2013

New Country Artist Carissa Leigh Embarks on Nationwide Summer Tour

A Martin Acoustic Guitar, New EP and A Chance to Do a Bit of Charity Makes Tour the Most Unique Country Music Event in Years

Small Town Venues Gets Artists In Touch with Her Fans

Taking her cue from her lifelong passion for country music and legions of fans across the U.S., country musics fastest rising star, Carissa Leigh, embarks on her first summer acoustic tour which began with a performance in Los Angeles and now takes the classic country beauty to major cities across the United States. The tour celebrates Carissas debut EP “Not the Same Girl”, and gives audiences an opportunity to experience her newest music within the intimate settings of smaller local venues, a deliberate choice by the artist who wanted her fans to be able to get close and personal with every lyric acoustically. Carissa Leigh hasnt stopped making music since her first piano recital at age 3 and the tour is simply an extension of her years of writing of lifes own experiences which have uniquely spoken to women nationwide. To capture her country spirit, Leigh also counted on co-writers and country music notables Clay Mills, Brian White and Andrew Fromm and the creative genius of producer ToneDef (Green Day, Santana, Chris Isaak) which has yielded songs such as “Cant Help But Wonder”. Audiences will be the first to hear the newest, upbeat and raucous summer anthem along with a few wrenching love ballads that have given the music industry a reason to stand up and take note.

Already garnering accolades from producers, songwriters and promoters, Carissa Leigh has set her sights on music city Nashville and every city in between. She has drawn from her love of dance, which she is trained for in both ballet and traditional Polynesian dance, her passion for music and her life as a single mother. Carissa Leigh has pulled from her early influences which include such country legends as Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, Faith Hill, Gary Allen and Dolly Parton. Her songwriting has dug deep into her own life as a young mother, a traveler and experiences of love, loss, and moving on.

She grew up in Calgary, Canada before moving to Hawaii. It was there that she immersed herself into the musical traditions of the Pacific Island, which ironically have played a huge part in her signature country music sound. She later moved to New York and then returned to Canada as a mother of a young daughter. Her new music from her debut EP will be celebrated as she criss-crosses the U.S. armed with only her beloved Martin guitar and her sweet, sultry, sound that is about to set the Country music industry on fire.

Tour Dates Are:

Monday, August 12, 2013/Salem, OR/Triangle Inn Caf

Rising Pop Star Kay Valentine; the Search for Gold at the End of Her Rainbow

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) August 12, 2013

This story began in the small town of Coraopolis just outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It was there that a dream was birthed out of misery. A young girl had to endure a very troublesome home life. In addition, she had problems in school where she had to endure years of bullying. Her distress had reached the point where even her will to live had been compromised.

Kay Valentine (born Karly Krull) had begun taking voice lessons at age 12 after her mother had taken her to a music store not far from where they live. That is where her rainbow had emerged from behind the dark clouds of depression. Her teacher had noticed immediately that she was uniquely gifted with an enormous vocal range, a very beautiful tone, and all of the natural born characteristics of a world class singer. It was because of her gift, together with her relentless determination and persistence that she had made progress beyond what anyone would of even thought of as realistic.

According to Kay’s mother, she was only 13 years old when her teacher had come up to her and said that she had too far surpassed him to continue teaching her voice. Kay said of the experience; “I felt so euphoric. It was the most totally awesome feeling because it made me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to.” Afterwards, she had started taking piano from the same teacher. In less than a year, it had become obvious to everyone including the teacher that she surpassed him again, this time in songwriting.

She had written hundreds of songs by that point and according to her teacher, some of them were literary masterpieces which they later composed and arranged together with the music. Many who after hearing her songs felt they were comparable to the finest ever released in the music industry because of the powerful heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies. Her mother, Karla Krull when asked had said, “When I heard her song “Rainbow” played and sung for the first time, I knew at that point that my daughter was destined for really big things.”

With the discovery of her amazing talents, Kay had grown a newfound love for life and a dream of becoming a star. She recorded her first original, “Lime Green Jello,” a song inspired by her bully’s, and she recorded a sample of “Forever and Always,” a powerful love ballad with a piano background. Her popularity had started growing first in her local area. Now at age 16, her sun is shining brighter than ever after she had released a sample of her music on the world wide web.

Almost immediately, she has gained much interest from record and management companies all over the United States (to remain nameless until she is officially signed) who had expressed a desire to record and promote her music. One Hollywood producer had taken time from his vacation to call and tell her manager that her singing and songwriting was the best of 300 artists they reviewed that week. The company president had later said that she will be a major part of music history if she stays true to her dream. Within 2 weeks, a very prominent film composer had contacted her manager expressing interest in producing her song, and then having it put on the market to be placed in movies and television. Kay is now in the process of recording an EP which will include her song “Rainbow.” Afterwards, the promotion will begin via the record company of her manager’s choice.

In light of her newfound success, Kay continues to encourage others who struggle with depression as she once did. “God has brought me through so much,” says Kay. “To me, the rainbow is the symbol of his hope and guidance. No matter what you are going through, never give up, and one day your rainbow will come.”

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