The Promise

The Promise

The Promise

Plus One ~ The PromiseSure, there are more inventive or intense contemporary Christian acts out there. But as acts aspiring to boy-band fame in the CCM market go, Plus One are the best. Their harmonies are really solid and intricately woven together, their convictions undoubtedly heartfelt, their arrangements uplifting. The message is as pure as the golden melodies these boys let loose. –James Conde

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What does Frankenstein promise to tell Elizabeth after they are married?

Question by : What does Frankenstein promise to tell Elizabeth after they are married?
What does Frankenstein promise to tell Elizabeth after they are married? How does he behave in the weeks leading up to the wedding? Why is Frankenstein especially agitated as evening approaches on the wedding day?

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Answer by Linnel
we’re al bride-zillas and frankensteins when it comes to wedlock

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The Promise
the promise lyrics

Image by MHimmelrich
I named this picture this for a few reasons.

1. Bruce’s new album full of songs that didn’t quite make the cut for Darkness of The Edge of Town, is an amazing album. Its title track, the Promise, is one of my favorites.
2. The Promise features a version of the song Racing in the Streets, where instead of a 69 Chevy, Bruce owns a 32 Ford. In this image, I represent the original lyrics, that did make the album.
3. Bruce just did a kick-ass job for his fans. While most re-issues come with bull-sh*t outtakes, these are all good enough to be legitimate songs from the album.

Thanks for This Bruce :D . Hope to see some more of the Carousel House webcast from Asbury park soon :D .

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the promise lyrics

Image by Mike+Tiffy
Tides are turning
Bringing winds of change
Why do I feel this way
The promise of a new day

The Promised Land
the promise lyrics

Image by Sheila Ryan
Tell the folks back home this is the promised land callin’
And the poor boy’s on the line

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