Buzz Luttrell, Former TV Reporter, Pens Theme Song to Unite Global Community

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 11, 2013

As TV news showed people around the world staying up all night to cheer the results of the 2008 U.S. presidential election, former TV reporter/talk show host Buzz Luttrell concluded, There really IS a global community, and all countries are interdependentbecause we are all affected by fluctuations in the global economy!

So, watching commercial super-tankers traverse the Panama Canal, where he was visiting at the time, that night, Luttrell drafted the lyrics that would become Song for a New World. He then made a plan to record and promote the message as the global theme song for planet Earth.

Panamanian musician Rodrigo Denis agreed to compose music and make a demo recording. Denis had studied at Bostons world-renowned Berklee College of Music, giving Luttrell the key to making the project an international endeavor. He lives near Boston, and people from around the world come to Berklee to study music. So, he recruited Berklee-trained singers from every continent (except Antarctica) to form the Song4 Global Ensemble.

Heres the plan, the eight-member Ensemble has recorded the song from their remote locations, and those videos have been edited together for an online Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to pay for professional arrangement, recording, production, promotion, and distribution of Song for a New World.

Luttrell says, The Kickstarter project ends with an, Internet-coordinated, worldwide sing-along to popularize the song AND set a Guinness record for most people singing the same song simultaneously, on the six populated continents.

The song will be released via YouTube with a challenge to singers (pro and amateur) worldwide to record their own version of the tune in many different styles, from pop, hip-hop, rock, and R&B, to country, blues, and traditional folk and, in many languages, so the music/message reaches the broadest possible audience, globally. Social activist celebrities like Bono, Stevie, Shakira, Streisand,, Tim & Faith, Sting, et. al. will be asked to cover the song to support the campaign

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A key to Kickstarter project success and follow-on promotion of the song is effective use of personal contacts via Internet social media, and traditional media coverage. This project is blessed with a media-savvy project management team including: top Boston talent agent Atty. Ken Fishkin, Berklee alumnus musician and entrepreneur Sunny Lake, film grad and social media technician Andrew Mui (Mass College of Art & Design), and Luttrell who has won numerous media Public Service Awards and the U.S. Justice Department’s Community Service Award.

The promotional plan will benefit from a project team base that includes the eight members of The Song4 Global Ensemble: AFRICA Mozambique (Albino Jorge Mbie), ASIA China (Yun Huang), ASIA India/Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Shilpa Anantha Narayanan), EUROPE Spain (Nathalie Raedler), EUROPE France (Moana Avvenenti), NORTH AMERICA USA (Jon Aldrich), SOUTH AMERICA Ecuador (Francisco Javier Ruiz Moncayo), NON-CONTINENTAL Malaysia (Irma Seleman).

Each Ensemble member was paid a nominal fee to learn and record the song. They auditioned, Luttrell says, because they believe in the lyrics/message, and the goal of uniting the global community in song. They are also, of course, building their own music careers and appreciate the opportunity for international exposure; very strong incentives to do everything they can to promote this campaign.

The Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign begins on Tuesday, October 15, and will expire in 45 days, on November 30. Search for Kickstarter + Song for a New World. And, please, read the lyrics, then send this information to everyone you know, if you believe this campaign can help unite The Global Community.


Learn “Song for a New World” so u can join the Global Sing Along! Peace & Prosperity – – Walter Buzz Luttrell @WalterLuttrell

Contact: Walter (Buzz) Luttrell — luttrellb(at)juno(dot)com