Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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GH5: "Ex-Girlfriend" – No Doubt Expert Bass 100% FC 6G*

this might be the only No Doubt song I like lol, well, I kinda like the song which I forgot its nameeeee but is in band hero and GH3, anyways im a lazy ass that wont google it by now. Yes, Im back with the Career of GH5, expect more vids… along the month


She stalks like an ex girlfriend. — Captions for our hard of hearing fans! Shaun: my ex is crazy Dee: How crazy? Shaun: Enough to get a restraining order Dee: Holy shit dude… Anna: I found you, Shaun! HAHAHAHAHA. — follow us: twitter.com10secondtraumas twitter.comannaakana twitter.comdeedevil22

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