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ex girlfriend doubt, does she wants me to tell her i love her?

Question by Luninat L: ex girlfriend doubt, does she wants me to tell her i love her?
You see, my ex broke up with me 2 months ago, cause she said she couldn´t forget his ex crush, i mean, she didn´t used the classic break up lines “Im not ready” “i dont want a boyfriend right now” “i see you only as a friend” “i love you but im not in love” etc, she directly told me she still liked his ex crush (note crush, not boyfriend, WTF), however during our relatioship, i accept i was really not showing that much affection, i was shy, but she misunderstood this, she suspected i still liked my ex.

3 days before breaking up she was angry at me cause she suspected i still liked my ex, and thought i was liying to her the whole time, so im really doubting if she was triying to make me feel bad and test me if i loved her.

I was incredibly reasonable with her, i acted indifferently and cool around her, thought i was really, but really hurt inside, im REALLY good at hiding emotional pain, i didn´t wanted her to feel guilty but i seemed like if really didn´t care (i am that good).

Mutual friend told me that people spreaded a lot of rumours about me and that she likes his ex crush (however he empasized in that points, like if he was triying to convince me), whatever, the points is she has been acting cold towards me, hostile, she keeped trying to make me feel bad, she didn´t trust me and started to joke with all the things she thought i lied about, my talents, my problems, my likes, she thought i was just trying to impress her the whole time we were together, you know, patological lies, however i wasn´t liying but thats a different story.

Whatever, one day she asked if what i told her (that i love her and those romantic stuff) was true, i wrote her a letter, she suspected i copied it from a song, i sweared to her i wrote it, i really insisted, then i told her that i had strong feelings for her, she the asked me “is it love?” i told her “i don´t know, but im sure its nothings superficial”, she asks me then “do you feel something whenever you see me”, i told her “even when i heard your name”, she then tells me “is there any point at talking about this”, i told her “i know, sorry”, she then tells me “oh sorry, i was the one who asked, i couldn´t hold the curiosity”

Whatever, then one day she asked me something, before asking me she saids its nothing of importance, then she asks if i have been spreading rumours that i was the one who breaked up the relationship and not her, i told her “of course not, really”, then she saids “cmon, what can i expect from you?”, whatever after insisting to her she blocks me from the IM, i was intrigued, she told me it was nothing of importance.

No single mutual friend has said that she doesn´t love me, they just tell me that i piss her and that she doesnt care about me.

Whatever, i was just placing the background elements of the post-break up, now

The point of the question is this.

In saint valentine day, i wrote her a hand written letter of 4 pages, i placed it in his desk before school, in the letter i expressed how much hurted i was after the break up, that i couldn´t handle his coldness toward me after i struggle a lot to hide the pain and give her space, so i refused to be friends for now, i wished her a happy saint valentines and at the end i wrote “you will always have a space in my heart, good bye”

She read it, and as i said, i refused to be friends so i ignored her, so i didn´t see her reaction, a week passed, and a mutual friend comes telling me if i was spreading rumours, i again reasured i wasn´t, and then he tells me he readed the letter i wrote to my ex, he told me it was ridiculous why i couldn´t tell her that i still loved her in the face.

She encouraged me to tell her that in the face

So, i became curious, does my ex really want me to tell her what i feel face to face, so maybe she can regret breaking up, think about it or atleast treat me better? Or does she just want to be know im still behind her to boost her ego?

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Answer by Max F
Be patient and do what you think is right and everything will turn out fine for you. Grasp your own happiness and dun think too much. Let things flow naturally as it should be without trying to push too hard and spoiling everything

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Lyric Interpretation – No Doubt, ‘Spiderwebs’.?

Question by Trevor, Jealous?: Lyric Interpretation – No Doubt, ‘Spiderwebs’.?
Hi, I’m a really big No Doubt fan, and I wan’t opinions on so,e lyrics.
The Spiderwebs from Tragic Kingdom states ‘I’m walking into spiderwebs, leave a message and I’ll call you back…’
I really like, and want to use it all the time (to quote), but never really knew when.
What do you think it means?
And in what context?
It would help if you knew the song also.
actually, maybe just ‘I’m walking into spiderwebs…’ is more suitable.

Thank You :)

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Answer by hyungapple

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