‘Drugs Make You Un-Smarter’ Authors Team Up with Free-style Performer J-Stylez and Music Artist Writtyn to Present the Drug-Free Commitment Tour to Teens

(PRWEB) May 09, 2011

Drugs Make You Un-Smarter author Jill Vanderwood and her sixteen-year-old granddaughter and co-author, Savanna Peterson hit the road this summer to begin a Drug-Free Commitment Tour. The goal of this tour is to teach kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and talk about how substance abuse affects a family. The authors are joined by motivational speaker and free-style basketball great Jerrickson Hosteen, performing as J-Stylez, and Kari Denny-Flynn, AKA Writtyn who is a hip-hop artist, rapping about the problems in her life caused by her past drug abuse and the alcoholism of her family.

The Drug-Free Commitment Tour includes motivational teen speaker, Savanna Peterson. Even though Savanna grew up with a father in prison for drug related crimes, her brother had parties with drugs and alcohol while her mom was at work, and the cops were watching her house, Savanna chose a drug-free life. Her stories encourage other teens to make the commitment to remain drug-free or change the direction they are now headed.

Youre one of the few people I know where their family did drugs, but you stuck with your commitment and said no to drugs, says Avery.

Savanna, you must have a lot of determination to be a leader and role model and not be a follower of others who do drugs, says Caleb

Jerrickson Hosteen, J-Stylez is a motivational youth speaker and basketball free-styler from the Navajo Nation and lives in Sawmill, Arizona. J-Stylez is compared with the Harlem Globe Trotters. He has auditioned for Americas Got Talent and performed for colleges including Arizona State University, Tsaile Dine College, The University of New Mexico, and all of the Window Rock, Arizona school districts.

“Amazing basketball skills like I’ve never seen before!”

“He had me entertained from beginning to end, Very amazing!”

– Dine College Students (Tsaile, AZ) http://www.youtube.com/JStylezTV

Kari Denny-Flynn, Writtyn is a hip-hop artist from the Navajo Nation who was inspired by artists such as MC Lyte, Litefoot, Missy Elliot, and LL Cool J. Writtyn writes and recites lyrics with an anti-drug message. With roots in both Arizona and Utah, Writtyn has performed at the Boys and Girls Club, The Indian Walk-In Center and for the Salt Lake City School District, the Salt Lake Community College, Mestizo West Side Arts Festival, and opened for The James and Ernie Comedy Show.

“Keep writing how you feel. There are many hurting out there and you can reach them!” — Heleana Maria

“Dig your music and your story. Props to you for overcoming so much and using that pain and putting it to music.” — Delon


Jill Vanderwood first experienced the serious nature of drug and alcohol abuse through her marriage to an alcoholic and the meth addiction of one of her children. Jill speaks about how to recognize signs of addiction, setting goals and making a commitment to remain drug-free.

Jill lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has roots in Portland, Ore. She has spoken at schools in the Granite and West Jordan School Districts. Both authors have been interviewed for the Salt Lake Tribune, The Deseret News, Love To Know Teen issues, and Fox 13, Good Day Utah. http://www.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/1805/2334927?cpt=8&title=broadcast_local&wpid=47

One stupid drug can screw your life up, thats why Im gonna be drug free, so I can have my life be great! says Michael.

To book the Drug-Free Commitment Tour for a church youth group, YMCA summer camp, drug rehab, Boy Scout or Girl Scout group or camp, Boys or Girls Club, At Risk camp or Wilderness camp, library or year-round school,


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