9 things about nu metal thatdidn't suck

9 things about nu metal thatdidn't suck
Yes, some of their lyrics are pretty silly. The day he realised nation rhymed with subjugation was probably the best … Nu metal was an absolute cockforest even if we count Evanescence. But Kittie were one of the rare exceptions, a Canadian band made …
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LACUNA COIL's CRISTINA SCABBIA: 'I Believe That The Next Record Might Be
And, of course, we will come up with suggestions and contributions, and we will select the songs that we like the most, or that we feel the most — especially Andrea [Ferro, vocals] and I, [since] we are responsible for the vocal lines and the melodies …

Movie Magic
There is almost no spoken dialogue; the movie is sung through. And like the greatest of all sung-through musicals, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964), the power of The Last Five Years derives from the pointed contrast between the sweeping romanticism of …
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Nicki Minaj Ex-Boyfriend Safaree Samuels Opens Up About Breakup; Said He

Nicki Minaj Ex-Boyfriend Safaree Samuels Opens Up About Breakup; Said He
… "Anaconda" singer's The Pinkprint album. Now, the tables have turned as Samuels took the chance to talk about his ex-girlfriend during his interview on Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club." … Minaj's fans can only guess what her side of the story …
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Benjamin Booker on Jack White, EDM + New Orleans
The main bartender at the bar… his ex-girlfriend… maybe we…. I don't know. [laughs] I was fooling around with his ex girlfriend so he refused to serve me drinks for a while. But I went back recently and he was OK. Finn McCool's is also great. I …
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Meghan Trainor: 'Yeah, I'm getting flak for All About That Bass. It'll come

Meghan Trainor: 'Yeah, I'm getting flak for All About That Bass. It'll come
I'm not saying this is how women should feel – I just wrote a song and funny, clever lyrics, and that's how I look at it. And if people can … I met the guy who wrote Yeah by Usher, which was a huge smash, and nobody knew who he was. I don't remember …
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Chris Brown's latest album chalks up an 'X' in the loss column
Brown last evolved as an artist with his 2011 release “F.A.M.E.”, in which he explored themes of his own success and experimented with new genres of music ("Beautiful People," "Yeah 3x," and "Look at Me Now"). It is clear, however, he has since …
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Afghan Whigs bring their surprising new album to Royale
When the Afghan Whigs reunited for a tour in 2012 after more than a decade off, it was unclear if the critically acclaimed alt-rockers — responsible for brawny masterpieces like 1993's “Gentlemen” and 1996's “Black Love,” which combined hard-rock …
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Crooked I Revisits Eminem's "Encore" Album & Doing Business With Suge Knight
He was on the front lines as a key player in Death Row Records' final iteration, and when he decided the major label system couldn't provide what he wanted, he helped usher Hip Hop into the Digital Age with his “Hip Hop Weekly” series. The story … It …
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Q&A: What are some songs that have meaningful lyrics about love and life?

Question by .: What are some songs that have meaningful lyrics about love and life?
What are some songs that have meaningful lyrics or are just about life?
Any genre is fine except screamo. I would likem to be preferably recent. I think 90s to now would be good. I love rock, country, and pop. What are songs about life, love, happiness, sadness, heartbreak, moving on, moving forward, losing touch, growing apart, starting over, feeling better, feeling happiness for the first time in a long time? The most and best songs get the best answer. Thanks! Have a great day!

Best answer:

Answer by VISION
i wrote three on love pl visit my profile or you want them to be posted to you by me?

here is one i wrote just now

There is something I see beyond
The sadness in your small eyes,
The distance beyond the horizon
They see so clearly, with an eagles vision.

I see your eyes so seemingly lonely,
Trying to catch a lost vision
And as I see you wondering around,
Your eyes in them, depth I have found.
For their in them I see a lost mission,
A seemingly lost transmission,
Also in then I experience, truly,
A life’s unending mission ,cruelly
Of enduring love of truthful glance
Of a lost but seemingly known trance,
Yes in those lovely demure eyes
A new, an enlivened Vision, does rise.

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Explore Talent Writes New Blog “Justin Bieber Pens New Song About Selena Gomez”

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 29, 2013

Explore Talent just announced a new blog about Justin Bieber’s new song about his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, a former Disney Channel actress. Excerpts from the blog include:

There’s nothing like heartbreak to inspire a great love song! And that’s exactly Justin Bieber’s motivation for his new song, “Nothing Like Us” from his album, “Believe Acoustic,” out in stores on January 29.

The lyrics for the song are: “Gave you everything / Everything I had to give / Girl, why would you push me away / Lost in confusion / Like an illusion / You know I’m used to making your day / That’s in the past now / We didn’t last now / Guess that this is meant to be / Tell me was it worth it / We were so perfect / Baby, I just want you to see.”

Explore Talent is a professional site that connects actors, models, singers, movie extras and dancers with jobs in the United States. The online community has been responsible for new collaborations and business ventures in entertainment. Explore Talent also helps aspiring entertainment professionals further their careers with contests that showcase their profiles to members of the social media community. For example, by entering a contest, a teen can get his or her photo picked up by a modeling agent. Furthermore, the Explore Talent site features celebrity videos, exclusive interviews with actors, actresses, and musicians, such as Joan Rivers, Usher, Akon and T-Pain.

Anyone can create a profile on Explore Talent where they can upload their photos, videos, songs, etc., to show off their talent in the hopes of landing gigs, such as auditions and casting calls, in entertainment. Explore Talent’s proprietary software and vast infrastructure is the most advanced entertainment-based technology of its kind. The site’s popularity is based on the fact that there are many ways for talent to network, make friends and connect with other industry players, participate in wide variety of contests and earn prizes for being active on the site. The easy access to a pool of over seven million members attracts industry players who are posting every month about 50,000 new auditions and job openings which is 30 times more than any other site.

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For Horse-Crazy Girls Only: Everything You Want to Know About Horses Reviews

For Horse-Crazy Girls Only: Everything You Want to Know About Horses

For Horse-Crazy Girls Only: Everything You Want to Know About Horses

  • Great for horse lovers

Is your first and second favorite animal a horse? Is your bedroom covered with horse posters on your walls and horse models on your shelves? Would you rather muck out a stall than clean your room? Then you are absolutely, undeniably horse crazy, and For Horse-Crazy Girls Only is the book for you! This is the only comprehensive book about everything a horse-crazy girl needs to know about horses. You’ll learn everything from the different breeds of horses, to how a horse’s body works, to the quirk

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what is the song gives you h e ll about?

Question by Alice: what is the song gives you h e ll about?
i was just wondering because i can’t seem to figure it out! thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Luv2shopA&F
someone told me it is about a guy who left the band and just wants back in but has to choose between his wife or his band… hope this helps!

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What are some songs about jealous ex girlfriends?

Question by Ashley: What are some songs about jealous ex girlfriends?
I’m in a relationship where I have a jealous ex-bitch that won’t stop talking to my boyfriend and it makes me mad. I’ve called her out a few times about how she needs to back off and posted lyrics from Permanent Marker-Taylor Swift, The Boy Is Mine – Brandy & Monica, and The Case Of The Ex – Mya on her facebook wall and she’s too stupid to understand what I mean. So I need some more songs. Thank you :)

Best answer:

Answer by gowest959
I really like “I Don’t Wanna Know” by the Donnas.. Can’t think of any more off the top of my head right now.. Good luck :)

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Q&A: What do you think about blue october’s “hate me” lyrics/song?

Question by Punky: What do you think about blue october’s “hate me” lyrics/song?
I know its an old song, but I love it with a passion.

Best answer:

Answer by 李
I like the song. It’s both sad and touching how the guy is willing to let the girl go – hoping that she will find a better life.

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[Source: Kauzala] ‘Talk It Out – Debaters Rhapsody’: Emotive Indian Rap Video About Civil Debate Goes Viral Internationally

London, UK (PRWEB) December 11, 2012

The Indian Debating Union’s music video protesting bust ups in and disrespect of parliament, produced by Kauzala, has gone viral internationally, with ‘Talk It Out – A Debaters’ Rhapsody’ approaching one million hits on YouTube shortly after its release, at the time of going to press. Ironically, the video seems to have instantly connected with viewers not just in India, but most of all outside the country – especially in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

If you want to see a fight of altogether new proportions or youre feeling dumbed down by idiocy in hefty portions, do a search on the world wide web, what Clarkson calls the interweb. The search words are, the Indian Debating Union. These are the words of Abhaey Singh, the founder of the Indian Debating Union and creator of the song and video, for whom Talk It Out is not only an ode to civilised debate, but also a promotional video for his eponymous not-for-profit professional debating organisation. Oh and ‘Clarkson’ refers to Jeremy Clarkson, the verbose British presenter of the BBC Top Gear motoring show who Singh says is the first person he heard call the internet the ‘interweb’.

The polished and visually impressive video features emotive scenes of debaters rapping in an auditorium along with a stylish Bollywood song and dance routine featuring beautiful actresses in Indian sarees, for good measure. An utterly delightful young girl also acts as a debater-rapper in the video, and is visually ‘mentored’ by Singh in the video. The video is both highly entertaining and emotive, and above all, refreshingly unique.

Lyrical highlights include its our mission, an ambition, a simple aspiration, to propagate the virtue of civil debate, where respect to aggression does, invalidate – thats why were proud proponents of this rarer form of art, in a message that were rapping directly from the heart.

Talk It Out is Singhs debut song, which he composed, arranged, wrote, rapped, conceptualised and directed himself, in his spare time. The video has received rave reviews and comments from viewers, mostly in the US and Canada, including the following:

The world needs to hear this. Hope this becomes Gangnam Style raised to 100. They should play this on channels which broadcast parliament sessions;

I am seriously impressed by this video, and even more so by the words to this rhapsody. Very inspiring!!! My respect to all of you;

A friend of mine sent me this video and it is simply WOW! I have been in the Toastmasters Club in Canada for the last 14 years and NEVER, I mean NEVER have I been blown away. I dont know if it is the music or the catchy script… I would like to bow down to you with respect Japanese style.

I am a member of the Oxford Union..This video was fantastic..people like you is why I am so passionate about rhetoric.

Shorter comments include: ‘This is Epic’, ‘Mesmerising’, ‘Very Inspiring’, ‘Thoughtful’, ‘I’d much rather my kids grow up watching this kind of video’, ‘This is real rap’, ‘Perfection my friends’, ‘Awesome – I’m stumped!’. Most comments are sourced from ‘Talk It Out’ on YouTube.

Singh launched his video on Twitter with this tongue in cheek tweet: Sometimes it takes a good old Indian song and dance to make an elementary point’, referring to a rapidly rising discontent in India of unruly and disrespectful behaviour by some legislators. The tweet was unnoticed but the video quickly started becoming popular around the world.

Whilst ‘Talk It Out’ is a far cry from the mass appeal of Gangnam Style and Kolaveri Di, it is easy to understand why this video has also been so popular and resonated across national and cultural boundaries.

The video can be viewed via this YouTube link: Talk It Out – A Debaters’ Rhapsody – YouTube Video.

Information sources: http://www.abhaey.com, http://www.indiandebatingunion.org, https://twitter.com/Abhaey and

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