Sinead Harnett's No Other Way, this week's best new track

Sinead Harnett's No Other Way, this week's best new track
The sexiest songs aren't the ones that mention sex explicitly, as anyone who's heard Ludacris's back catalogue knows. That's why No Other Way is so hot. When Sinead Hartnett suggests you “Lay down next to … are back, with Superheroes, the lyrics to …
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Usher's "She Came to Give it To You" Features an Uncharacteristically Tame
While I can completely see how the song's lyrics rival “Blurred Lines” in the running for the creepiest thing ever written award, their salvation comes in the form of a Nicki Minaj feature, which can provide CPR for any lifeless song and hasten the …
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#ThrowbackThursday: “Celebrity” by Brad Paisley
Paisley served as a judge on the show alongside of fellow artists Kesha and Ludacris, while Josh Groban served as the program's host. I'll be honest … The music video for “Celebrity” is as fun to watch as the lyrics of the song might suggest. As I …

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