25 thoughts on “Queen – Save Me (Lyrics)

  1. Tomorrow is my Birthday and I am a shell of the person I was years ago. My
    husband passing when I was only 23 with 3 kids under the age of 5 first
    shook me, Then I found Love again a soul mate and he turned out to not be
    telling me the whole truth and in the end I lost him too, but the biggest
    loss was my 10yr old daughter dying 3 years ago. I now am in a dark, dark
    place that I can not find my way out. I only live and breathe because of my
    other children and knowing I need to be here for them and the losses they
    feel. I am alone even when others are around. I don’t look forward to
    tomorrow. Just a reminder of another year of being alive but not living.
    Just a ghost.day

  2. I have a theory that Queen has the perfect song for no matter what mood
    you’re in. This is the perfect sad breakup song.

  3. Classic Queen, volumes spoken here; Freddie knew how to convey the
    heartache and joys found in love and life. Thank God we were able to share
    some time with him. We were consoled and inspired because we ALL share joy,
    victory and sometimes defeat
    A truly talented man whom will be missed on a grand scale

  4. Save me… Une des plus belles musiques de Queen. Freddie Mercury est
    vraiment le plus grand artiste de tous les temps!!!

  5. Oddio, che capolavoro indimenticabile, mi vengono i brividi ascoltando
    questo pezzo, esattamente come mi venivano tanti anni fa ! E quanti ricordi

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