Q&A: What Chiodos lyrics should I get tattooed?

Question by jlyn1221: What Chiodos lyrics should I get tattooed?
I absolutely love Chiodos, and unfortunately only have seen them once in concert, but I plan on seeing them more!

Their lyrics is what got me to love them so much!
But, I just want some opinions to what lyrics are good to get tattooed. I want something inspirational more so than emo.
Also, where I should get the lyrics tattooed, I’d like some output too.

I’d appreciate the help!

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Answer by J/B
I’ll stop stabbing when you stop screaming. Not exactly inspirational I know. whatever you decide to get I’d suggest getting it on your leg or upper back.

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: What Chiodos lyrics should I get tattooed?

  1. Three words: Tattoos last forever.

    You might love Chiodos now but what about in 10 years? 20?

    If that doesn’t sway you, I would suggest you get “No hiding any truth” tattooed on your face.

    Bill B

  2. I was thinking about this too. Chiodos is amazing and thats an understatement.

    I want to get a collar bone tattoo that says either

    Nothing is perfect but it has to be someday or just It has to be someday

    not sure which one i want but im thinking of having it inside like a ribbon or something..

    But a Chiodos tat is a must!

  3. All the worlds a stage
    We make the sun shine

    Even if you dont like chiodos in 10 or 20 years you can make your own meaning to those so they will always be special

  4. umm i would say
    “and after all; we were infinite for a moment” Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered

    and i know how ya feel i love chiodos too. they are my favorite.

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