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Rihanna vs Just Brittany: Is It Fair to Cry Plagiarism Over One of Hip Hop's
MAYDAY MAYDAY, NAVY: Your queen Rihanna has been accused of jacking “Bitch Better Have My Money” from a lesser known Houston-based rapper, Just Brittany. As it turns out, nine months ago the latter artist released a mixtape, Something Different, …
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What Your Favorite Rihanna Lyrics Say About You, From "FourFiveSeconds" To
When it comes to Rihanna, everyone knows that the feisty pop star says exactly what she wants—no holds barred, and she's just as candid with her music. I routinely bop along to a number of her songs, but I have to admit that some of the lyrics tend to …
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Is Rihanna's American Oxygen an anthem for Eric Garner?
Another less cynical hypothesis is that maybe Rihanna wants to move past her commercial dance tracks and actually comment on today's society. Do the lyrics “breathe in/breathe out” comment on last summer's death of Eric Garner and the rallying cry “I …
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