49 thoughts on “Just a Girl by No Doubt with lyrics

  1. The comment I was replying to? It’s from starrfang – [i know my friend wouldnt let me see his broken arm he said b/c i might get "sick"].

  2. Aw, God Damnit! The comment no longer exists?! What did he say?! I need to read petty chauvinistic comments to feel better about myself!! >:(

  3. Well, when a guy is good at makeup or anything else a girl is expected to be good at, people get surprised, so these things happen to guys too.

  4. On the one hand, Lyrics let me see the…well…lyrics, and listen comfortably in the background!

    On the other hand, no sweet-ass Gwen Stefani abs.

  5. im a man!! and fucking love it!

    … on 2013!!…

    …ok im just tryin to get a couple of thumbs don’t hate me too much

  6. I can’t believe that boys think girls are all girly all the time and can’t play sports (some boys) That is SO not true! I’m on the softball team and swimming team! And I play other sports! It’s just sexist!

  7. However the number of guys I know who has been abused is insanly lower compared to my girl friends. So your mom is only acting that way because your mom loves you, like my mom loves me. Some people I know wish they had a parent like that. Just saying.

  8. Sadly that’s how life truly is. Most of my friends who are girls have been beaten or raped. Also a couple of my guy friends too when they were a lot younger. It’s sad but that’s why I usually don’t go out alone or without something I can use to protect myself. I’ve met amazing people but I’m not gonna be stupid either. I hope it changes one day but I don’t think it ever will.

  9. HEY everyone has their own taste in music if we all listened to the same shit then we’d all be boring and would suck.
    Who cares if they don’t like Paramore? I don’t hate people who don’t like the bands I like :/

  10. Hey,you don’t know either. She may of said that she thinks that someone doesn’t have good taste because of a band that Sunshinegirl and I like myself doesn’t mean that she is childish. Did you know, that Paramore actually said themselves that No Doubt was an inspiration for them to make music? I don’t think so myself being the big ass troll that you are going around trying to correct and mock other people like myself on the internet. Bro,find somethin’ else to do with your time. Good Day.

  11. I totally agree with you,that guy is just being a troll trying to prove a point,in which he or she has failed in.

  12. Yes,I may have been wrong of the date that No Doubt formed,doesn’t mean I am an idiot.I just said the date I thought the may of formed. I don’t know the exact date,and I am not going to look it up on Wikipedia like other people would and correct me,like the trolls and tools that would do that.So,please,shut the fuck up.

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