25 thoughts on “Friend’s Crazy Girlfriend & Her Yelling

  1. Sorry, just realized it went from 68k views to over 300k views pretty quick
    after someone posted it on reddit.

    I’ll answer some of the questions I have read.

    She ended up rage quiting the relationship. Literally, she just got mad one
    night and left not long after I made this video. That’s how that happened.

    I would love to make more videos of her being ridiculous, but as I stated
    above, she left. Lives 6 hours from me. Trust me, if I get the opportunity
    to film her again, I will.

    This always happened, so those of you saying it could be his fault, it
    wasn’t. I assure you. She’s just a lunatic.

    He doesn’t fight back or call the cops because he didn’t want to make the
    situation harder than it already was. She’s gone now, so it doesn’t really
    matter anymore.

    And those of you complimenting me and saying I’m attractive, thank you. I
    won’t let a compliment go unappreciated. :)

    If anyone knows where it was posted on reddit other than the one I saw in
    r/cringe I’d love it if you had a link to give me so I can prove that I’m
    the OP. Thanks.

  2. That is why I am not in favour for that feminism bullshit. Seriously man
    you have to stand up and tell the bitch where is her place. Don’t let her
    humiliate you. 

  3. reddit armie here, that gorgeous m’lady needs a real man, i am that man.
    Contact me at /r/elizabethwarren (i’m a mod)

    thanks m’lady and m’gentleabusedmen


  4. Just remembered my password to this account and wanted to clear some things
    up that are being asked.

    No, they are no longer together. She’s insane. He is now aware of this.

    I made this in hopes of making several others as this was a common
    occurrence. She left before I was able to make more. 

  5. Omg. That poor guy, will probably be scared to date again. lol … Should
    have called the law and let that bitch spend a few nights in jail!

  6. I have to admit the good things in Islam. One of them is they know how to
    keep women in check. Females are the basis of family, and an insane mother
    will raise insane children. That’s why Western families are a mess and kids
    grow up to become emotionally distressed druggies, sluts and faggots. This
    vicious cycle of self-destruction will lead to the eventual downfall of the
    Western Civilization. :*(

  7. Damn & i thought my ex was bad lol but tip but had to laugh when she says
    bye & all you say is just ahh later or bye real fast trust me got same
    reaction ex scream & trying to hit me for nothing just cus i didnt say bye
    the right way lol anyways crazy ass video lol

  8. God that poor guy!! He seems so sweet calling her hunny and not raising his
    voice or getting mad and she is being a shrill abusive cunt. He doesn’t
    need that shit.

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