Foo Fighters- My Hero With Lyrics

Foo Fighters video with Lyrics made by Tu SHaE Enjoy.
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Lyrics courtesy of Lyricsfreak Too alarming now to talk about Take your pictures down and shake it out Truth or consequence, say it aloud Use that evidence, …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Foo Fighters- My Hero With Lyrics

  1. +Leon dewsbury You’re My Hero you are so strong you never give up even
    during your hardest times! You have saved so many people! You have helped
    so many others! You have such a huge heart! You are so Ordinary! One of a

  2. To my beautiful angel who fought harder than anyone would ever know. You
    have always been my hero and I feel sorry for the world who never got to
    meet you. I cannot wait to see you again.

  3. This song always reminds me of back in 2006 when ricky carmichael would
    enter the track, gives me goose bumps every time

  4. I was watching this AlChestBreach video and he quoted ”There goes my hero,
    watch him as he goes” and then i googled it. It was horrible. (Part of the
    joke for those who think i am hating on the song, i actually like it)

  5. Your intro ruins this. We clicked on your video to hear the Foo Fighters,
    not a gay ass party boy intro. Nobody should EVER use an into on a song

  6. get rid of your intro or I’ll push you off a roof and you’ll have to hope i
    aimed for the bushes
    PS I won’t aim for the bushes

  7. “There goes my hero– watch him as he goes.” Preparing to make a big move
    for my wife and I, and this lyric popped in my head. 

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