25 thoughts on “Demi Lovato – Let It Go LYRICS (from Frozen)

  1. For everyone who noticed that some of the lyrics are incorrect, we’re sorry
    about that! When the song came out we had to figure out the lyrics by
    ourselves and our main language isn’t English so that’s why ;) I hope you
    enjoy the video though!

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  3. Okay, I hate that they decided that all of the choruses in this version
    should be 100% the same every time instead of each one being unique. Plus
    some of the changed lyrics are just awful IMO. Plus the way Lovato’s voice
    in this one is so autotuned there is no way she can sing this live, while
    Idina Menzel is very much able to perform the movie version quite easily.

  4. Not bad, but the Korean movie version is probably my favorite. The singer
    sings with a lot of force and it’s lovely.

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