25 thoughts on “crazy ex girlfriend

  1. Latinas are the best but I got a lot of crazyass exes Man even had one or
    two exes that tried to set me up or said that they was gonna kill me
    because I stop fucking with them 

  2. No that’s his house or his car, he pays for it each month and she’s wrong.
    He pays the mortgage and expenses, also think about he has more superiority
    than she does, it’s his house whether you see it as that or not, she does
    what he says, it’s his property. 

  3. This is to familiar, that crazy thing Sher’s the same brain with my ex.
    They make it up as they go along and and then try to legitimize the twisted
    logic. Crazy is crazy and always crazy, so my advice to all men and boys is
    AVOID CRAZY, at the first sign of crazy, no matter how fine she looks, GET
    OUT! If you don’t it will infiltrate your life, your family, friend, your
    work place, your street your home and other than your own death it Will
    take an act of God to pry crazy loose and that’s only if you were smart
    enough or lucky enough not to make babies with it, so guys please take my
    advice, when crazy shows its crazy colors you got to go!

  4. Don’t know what the whole story to this is, but he shoud’ve just ignored
    her and went around doing his business. That drives women nuts! And it
    makes them look stupid for yelling for nothing. They WANT us to yell back
    at them to continue the argument. Ignoring someone who’s talking out of
    line doesn’t mean they’ve won, it just means we’re the better person for
    not continuing an argument. Say nothing, and you get nothing. They MUST
    talk with some civility. If she lays a hand on him because he’s ignoring
    her, well, that’s a whole different story.

  5. She is so stupid I wonder if she even know what she is saying it’s doesn’t
    matter if the house is mortgage till he pay and his taxes he is still the
    owner you dumb cunt.

  6. Oh lord she should have been born a blond, don’t get me wrong or
    anything, but I’m a blond myself, but she is dump as a box of rocks.

  7. Technically it is your house, and the bank has a lien on it. If you don’t
    make your monthly payments, then the bank can take ownership. But if you
    stay within the bounds of your agreement with the bank they can’t do that,
    and the house stays yours. 

  8. Damn.. she is dumb…. Doesn’t matter it’s still his car…..lol He’s
    paying for it… I wouldn’t have let he get that far…LMAO

  9. Ya she is stupid. He’s making payments so it’s his place and car. I love
    latinas and you don’t need a big brother when you have one haha.

  10. After he turned off the camera, the bitch was shot and never heard from
    again. Hahahaha Latina girls are awesome but they are sometimes so stubborn
    and fucking retarded. “You get the fuck out” hahaha shes telling him to get
    out of his house. WTF LOL. 

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