Geeh The Band Announces Release of No Cost Kid-Friendly Music Videos on New App

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) March 26, 2015

Geeh the Band announces the release of its first four music videos for children on its new App. Following closely behind the release of its third album, EVOLVE, coming out this 2015, the release of music videos on its App at no charge offers even more mobile music and video media options with positive messages for families.

Designed for tech-savvy kids ages 4-10, this new App is robust and easy for kids to use. Fans can download videos and then play the first two albums of music. Videos available for viewing and download right now are “Summer Time,” “Everytime” and “Heaven” from the first album HEAVEN and “Well Make the World Shine” from the FIERCE album.

The band is developing a downloadable code that will allow fans to get all 12 of the music videos currently in development. When a manufacturer licenses the Geeh characters for their product, their customers then receive the code to download music, enhancing the licensors brand by delivering quality kids music with their products. This adds value and goodwill to brands through kid- and parent-friendly music, stories, and videos.

Near-Death Mishap Knocks Blood Corps Out of Line-Up: Idaho’s Goth-Metal Band Rott Tapped To Open Metal Fest

St. Paul, Minnesota (PRWEB) June 4, 2009

Flight of the Valkyries, America’s premiere female-fronted metal fest – the first of its kind in the U.S. – was forced to make a last-minute change when Blood Corps, an up-and-coming band from Virginia, experienced a brush with death.

According to festival co-founder Bobbie Jeans Dickerson, Blood Corps was on their way to do some promotion out of town when their bass player’s car caught fire on the highway. They managed to pull the car over and everyone scrambled out before the car was engulfed in flames. But the experience left the band shaken and in dire financial straits. (For more info on Blood Corps’ harrowing experience, see the band’s latest MySpace blog.)

“Our hearts go out to Blood Corps,” said Dickerson. “We absolutely understand why they aren’t able to be the opening act in the 2009 FLIGHT OF THE VALKYRIES (FotV) festival. There are no hard feelings. In fact, Nina Osegueda, Blood Corps’ vocalist, still plans to attend. We’re working out the details for a special performance with her as part of this year’s events.”

According to Dickerson, fans will be thrilled with Blood Corps’ replacement: Rott of Spirit Lake, Idaho. (;

Rott masterfully combines powerful, haunting vocals and melodic harmonies – with gothic undertones, crunchy guitars, and thought-provoking lyrics – to create a magical sound all their own. Signed to UK label Ravenheart Music Records, Rott draws influences from bands like Lacuna Coil, Tool, Alice in Chains, Evanescence, Within Temptation and Otep as well as old-school speed-metal bands.

“This band makes my blood run cold in an awesome way!” said Dickerson. “I’m excited to see them perform on our stage and kick off this year’s festival in true Flight of the Valkyries fashion. Fans are going to love these guys.”

Dickerson thanks Rott and their management at Ravenheart Music for working to fill this important role on such short notice.

Rott joins (in order of appearance) Kaptivating Kate, Sirens of Titan, A.D.D, Hydrogyn, Todesbonden, Luna Mortis, and headliner Benedictum at this year’s FotV festival, the third annual installment of this fast-growing metal fest.

Tickets for the 2009 Flight of the Valkyries festival are on sale now. Ticket prices are $ 15 in advance and $ 20 on the day of show, Saturday, June 27th. Doors open at 3:00 pm. The show is 16+.

Tickets for the Flight of the Valkyries festival can be purchased here: http://swordlordproductions.indietic…tomer/home.php

FotV has welcomed many female-fronted metal bands that have toured extensively abroad but haven’t had a chance to showcase their talents Stateside, bands that include both well-known and up-and-coming female-fronted bands such as Doro, Shadowside, Vainglory, and Dendura.

FotV is the first annual music festival of its kind in the US devoted to metal bands with female lead vocalists. The festival, which debuted in 2007, showcases all metal sub-genres with the only common denominator (and festival requirement) being that a female vocalist must front the band.

Fans are encouraged to visit The Official FotV forum on to keep abreast of all the latest FotV festival news.

For more information on the Flight of the Valkyries festival, please visit the festival’s web site at or MySpace at

For more information on SwordLord Productions, promoter and co-founder of FotV, visit

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