of Montreal – Kevin Barnes on “Aureate Gloom” and Why He Doesn't Get Taylor

of Montreal – Kevin Barnes on “Aureate Gloom” and Why He Doesn't Get Taylor
I saw that Usher is releasing a song at the bottom of a cereal box, like he's sponsored by Honey Nut Cheerios or something, and he's releasing his new song as the prize at the bottom of the box. [Laughs] And it's like how … Yeah, I totally crossed …
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5 Hit Songwriters Talk "Blurred Lines," Creativity And Copyright
When I first heard “Take Me to Church” I was just so impressed with everything about it, the lyrics everything. I remember looking straight away trying to find out Who wrote this song? because the quality was just so high. So yeah, there is music that …
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Hamburg, Germany – 10/18/07 Reviews

Hamburg, Germany – 10/18/07

Hamburg, Germany - 10/18/07

Featuring Todd Sickafoose on bass and Allison Miller on drums, Hamburg, Germany – 10/18/07 brings you unreleased tracks (“Landing Gear” and “Alla This”), rare live gems (including “Grey” and “Independence Day”) and the Little Folksinger trying to explain to a German audience what is going on in America… a hefty job indeed!
Track listing:
Disc 1
1. God’s Country
2. 78% H20
3. Manhole
4. Modulation
5. Marrow
6. Tip Toe
7. Lag Time
8. Independence Day
9. Alla This
10. Sunday Morning
Disc 2
1. Unr

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Kyle Walker admits driving model girlfriend Annie Kilner 'insane' over his

Kyle Walker admits driving model girlfriend Annie Kilner 'insane' over his
Kyle Walker has admitted he is a clean freak, who drives his girlfriend crazy, and is addicted to collecting trainers. The Tottenham full-back returns to Roy Hodgson's England fold for the first time this week since his nine-month injury nightmare …
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5 Ways the Government is Like a Crazy Girlfriend
Girlfriends can be man's most reliable partners, but at the same time, they can be man's greatest nightmare. No man is complete without having his fair of bad relationships here and there. Some relations start out well and fizzle out, while others are …
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The Promise

The Promise

The Promise

Plus One ~ The PromiseSure, there are more inventive or intense contemporary Christian acts out there. But as acts aspiring to boy-band fame in the CCM market go, Plus One are the best. Their harmonies are really solid and intricately woven together, their convictions undoubtedly heartfelt, their arrangements uplifting. The message is as pure as the golden melodies these boys let loose. –James Conde

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Blurred lines and copyright infringement

Blurred lines and copyright infringement
But how can they know what was in Gaye's musical composition, when it is an intangible, existing in its pure unadulterated form only in the mind of the now-deceased Marvin Gaye?? BRING IN THE EXPERTS! This case involved days of expert testimony about …
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Big Sean on Dinners With Kim and Kanye, Dirty Raps With Ariana Grande
At the same time, I'm from a city that never gives up and knows how to thrive when the economy is down and things are depressed. We find a way to shine through. We're built tough, man. What were things … He was a new breed of rap – he had fresh …
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