Christian Rapper Street Spirit Raps Miracles with The Afterlife Initiation EP Release

San Jose, California (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

Street Spirit is using Christian rap music to spread the gospel of God by giving his testimony about the miracles he has witnessed with his debut release, The Afterlife Initiation. The Afterlife Initiation EP is being produced by Professional Angels Entertainment to be a tool to teach the word of God, while also highlighting how a former drug dealing pimp came to know without a doubt that God is real. The Afterlife Initiation includes songs about God, angels, and Heaven on Earth. The Lord’s prayer in bible scripture Matthew 6: 9-13 details the potential of Heaven on Earth, and Heaven in Heaven, and has given a platform for Street Spirit to create Christian rap based on bible scripture and his personal testimony with the release of The Afterlife Initiation EP.

“After witnessing myself die in an out of body experience the day before, I walked on Las Vegas Blvd alone August 25, 2000. As I walked I asked God to cleanse my mind, body and soul before my marriage ceremony that was scheduled to happen later that day, It began to rain on me within 3 seconds of asking God to cleanse my mind, body and soul. At that very moment, I knew without a doubt that God is real. Shortly after being rained on, I could feel the hands of God on my shoulders, and the voice of God asking ‘do you want to continue to pimp, or do you want to try music?’ I answered that I want to try music.”

“On a separate trip to Las Vegas after my wedding ceremony, I was watching television in my hotel room in a sober state of mind and all of a sudden a coin fell onto a table located next to me. Coins normally don’t fall from the sky by themselves, but I witnessed it happen. This was a miracle to me.”

“The day of September 11, 2001, the first time I saw the breaking news video about the World Trade Center hijackings, I witnessed one of the airplanes fly through one of the towers as if the tower were invisible. After shockingly witnessing the airplane fly through the World Trade Center tower as if it were invisible without crashing, I then witnessed the airplane fly towards the clouds. I’m fully aware that it has been reported that both airplanes from the World Trade Center crashed into the towers, but that’s not what I saw the first time I saw the captured video footage of the World Trade Center tragedy.”

The purpose of releasing The Afterlife Initiation is to get the word out that Street Spirit has witnessed these miracles and more, while also being a tool to teach hip-hop / rap fans about the word of God. PG-13 of URB Magazine states: “Proving that it’s indeed possible to fuse the world of the street with the world of the divine, San Jose’s Street Spirit is blessing (literally) the mic and spreading the gospel through a silky-smooth flow yet, rough-and-tumble lyrics.”

The Afterlife Initiation is available from all major digital stores and offered free to those willing to exchange their email address for a copy at the official Street Spirit website or the official Professional Angels Entertainment website Any record labels, music publishing companies, booking agents, music supervisors or anyone else interested in contacting Street Spirit for music production services should, contact Tarelle Butts at 213-344-7079

About Street Spirit:

Street Spirit is a San Jose, California based Christian rapper that writes hip hop / rap lyrics from an afterlife perspective. Street Spirit earned a nomination in the 8th annual Independent Music Awards Holy Hip Hop category, and was a 18th annual Billboard / Starmaker Hip Hop song writing contest runner up. Street Spirit formed Professional Angels Entertainment in 2008 to provide music production and music publishing services.

Media Contact:

Tarelle Butts, Owner at Professional Angels Entertainment


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Q&A: What are the lyrics to the song ‘Lake Effect Kid’ by Fall Out Boy?

Question by Kaitlyn G: What are the lyrics to the song ‘Lake Effect Kid’ by Fall Out Boy?
I know they didn’t release the lyrics, but is there anybody out there who thinks they may have them figured out? I would really appreciate it if someone could post their best interpretation of what they think the lyrics are.

Best answer:

Answer by Todd
When I’m in heaven
I get the key for loving her, woah oh (?)
Until I eat big, real life poison-bloods(?)
The heat is on
Fixed up, and the sheet is down(?)

I got a pocket full of deadliness
Opium den mother, forget my head
At the dead-end called unsteadiness
Boxed blondes have less fun

Boomerang my head
Back to the city I grew up in
Again and again and again
Forever a lake effect kid

I got the skyline in my veins
Forget your night times
Summer love on a gurney with a squeaky wheel
And joke us, joke us,
Til life’s on track comes back into focus(?)
I just want to come back to love
Spark until you hit it, keep you warm enough

I got a pocket full of deadliness
Opium den mother, forget my head
At the dead end called unsteadiness
Boxed blondes have less fun, fun

Boomerang my head
Back to the city I grew up in
Again and again and again
Forever a lake effect kid(X5)

(?)* indicates where I’m not sure what he says, but I made the best attempt I possibly could. Also posted on but has to be put up. Someone help me fix these lyrics.

*Pete Wentz put up part of the lyrics on his blog. Those edits have been put in.
**pseudo, dually noted. Thanks for the correction.

*** I think luke has it. I concede, good job luke.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Academic Choir Of Aarhus & Uffe Most – Two Love Songs: No. 1. Those Lips That Love’s Own Hand Did Make

Academic Choir Of Aarhus & Uffe Most – Two Love Songs: No. 1. Those Lips That Love’s Own Hand Did Make

from Full Fathom Five (Lyrics by Shakespeare)

Price: USD 0.99
View Details about Academic Choir Of Aarhus & Uffe Most

Amy Irvine McHarg Named a Faculty Fellow to Southern New Hampshire Universitys MFA in Fiction & Nonfiction Program

(PRWEB) December 26, 2012

For better or for worse, author Amy Irvine McHargwho has just been named a Faculty Fellow in Southern New Hampshire Universitys Low-Residency MFA in Fiction & Nonfiction programis a child of the Mormon Sabbath, or at least as that day played out in the western Utah household in which she grew up.

My father, who was from an illustrious line of Utahs earliest Latter Day Saints, had turned on the church, she said. He couldnt understand why people would waste a day in a church when he was sure theyd find God on a good fishing stream, in the duck marshor out in the sagebrush. My mother fought with him every Sunday morning about whether we went with her or with him.

In a spiritual sense, Irvine McHarg went with her father, growing up to love Utahs red-rock country, becoming a writer who is also an outspoken environmental activist and a dogged opponent of what she sees as the Mormon Churchs pro-development, anti-wilderness theology and politics. Her second book, Trespass: Living At the Edge of the Promised Land (Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, North Point Press, 2008), is partly an exploration of personal loss following her fathers suicide, and partly an elegy for the ruin of our desert landscapes and the loss of our vital connection to the natural world.

Its also, however, a book about resolving that old argument between her parents, which in fact was an argument within herself. What I found was that I had projected my own internal conflicts onto the Othermy own people and a way of life from which I felt terribly alienated, she said. This is a problem for many environmental activists and writersand until that dynamic shifts, I dont think we can really make any meaningful, lasting gains in protecting the natural world.

Irvine McHarg described that as a painful lesson, and not really what I had intended to write when I started the book. But the result was a work compelling enough to win the Orion Book Award and the Colorado Book Award. In a starred review, Booklist characterized Trespass as a penetrating critique of Mormon sovereignty, and called its author bold and original in her thinking, candid and lyrical in expression. Irvine McHarg, continued Booklist, joins red-rock heroes Edward Abbey and Terry Tempest Williams in breaking ranks and speaking up for the natural world. The Los Angeles times agreed, saying that Trespass might very well be Desert Solitaires literary heir.

Irvine Mchargs journalism and essays have appeared in Orion, Climbing, High Desert Journal, and in numerous Western, nature, and environmental anthologies. Her essay Spectral Light (Orion, January-February 2010/The Best American Science and Nature Writing of 2011) was a finalist for the Pen Award in Journalism. And her first book, Making a Difference: Stories of How Our Outdoor Industry and Individuals Are Working to Preserve Americas Natural Places (Falcon, 2001), was one of three books featured in the Washington Post for Earth Day 2002.

Her next book, Terra Firma, is forthcoming from Counterpoint Press and is also about the process of resolving arguments within herself this time through the mechanism of dreams. Digging into the unconscious is the greatest excavation of all, a landscape which, if we could roam it freely, would allow us to not be so fearful of wildness, both in nature and ourselves, she said. Im fascinated by the archetypes that come into the human psyche, and the way they come. They have so much to teach us.

As a Faculty Fellow at Southern New Hampshire University, McHarg will work towards earning an MFA in Nonfiction. She will be mentored by other faculty members at the same time that she assumes a partial teaching load herself. Amy is going to be a wonderful asset to this program, said program director Diane Les Becquets. She brings a background that further augments a particular strength of ours, which is outdoors and environmental writing. Shes also an experienced teacher, and I just love the passion that she brings to everything she does, and her ability to communicate that passion.

For her own part, Irvine McHarg sees an opportunity at SNHU to help resolve another old argumentthat between art and life, which Irvine McHarg says is really a specious dichotomy. In many MFA programs, students and teachers alike can confuse the craft of writing with living fully in the world. But living fully and artistically does not happen solely behind the screen or the pen or by sequestering oneself in an isolated room. McHarg believes we should live in a way that is so sensual, so intimate, that we cannot help but write about it with the libido normally reserved for bodice rippers like Fifty Shades of Gray, she said. What excites me about SNHU is that there is room for this kind of living and loving life. Its the kind of teaching and writing that will save the world.

What do the expressions “raw as a whit” and “I got a wild card up my sleeve” mean?

Question by sumpnspicious: What do the expressions “raw as a whit” and “I got a wild card up my sleeve” mean?
Here is the context:

In the song “Easy from Now On” (performed by Miranda Lambert on her album “Crazy Ex-girlfriend”, released in 2007), she sings the following lines:

“Raw as a whit but clean as a bone
Soft to the touch when you take me home
When the mornin’ comes and it’s time for me to leave
Don’t worry ’bout me I got a wild card up my sleeve”.

I’m not a complete idiot. I know how to use a dictionary and a thesaurus. I’ve looked up “whit”. Yet, I still don’t really understand what she’s saying in the song. Also, I’ve never been much of a card player. So, I’m probably eternally lost on the last line without a little help. I’ve tried some online resources, but to no avail.

I basically love the lyrics of this song, and the music is beautiful. I think I can relate to the song, overall. But, I want to fully understand it. I’d appreciate any assistance. Thank you, in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by sandyclausbeth
Card up your sleeve
If you have a card up your sleeve, you have a surprise plan or idea that you are keeping back until the time is right.

Raw as a whit – can’t find it but whit refers to something very tiny, small, inconsecuential or scarecely detectable amount. I’m thinking raw as a whit refers to being only very slightly finished, maybe exposed or damaged.

What do you think? Answer below!

Vela App Inc. Launches Disruptive Music Technology App

Aliso Viejo, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Vela App Inc. is launching a first-of-its-kind app for all things music. They bring the world of On-demand music to you through voice technology and a lot of other interactive music features. The current version of Vela is 200 times faster at finding music than other music apps and saves users up to 20 button pushes on their phone per each song or artist search. In addition, Vela owns a proprietary technology; EMDA (enhanced music database assistance), which makes ordinary voice recognition smarter in reference to music. It is able to recognize unique artist names that normally would be misunderstood by even the best voice-recognition software.

Justin Mason, app creator said, In building Vela we didnt want to just make a music player app. We wanted to make a much better music experience for mobile listening. It works the way youd expect a music app to always work on a mobile device.

Vela can be used with the most well known, on-demand music services in the industry: Spotify, Rhapsody, and Rdio. Justin shared why it was important to include several of the most popular music services. It took a cross-collaborative effort to integrate all of the different music services well, but we wanted our users to be fully connected by music. That meant not only including many different music services, but also the ability to share music across them on our network, and socially on Facebook or Twitter. If you build a playlist in Vela, you can send it to someone who uses a different music service than you.

Each music service is different and provides unique features that have drawn their customers to follow them. Vela seeks to connect people on the common denominator of music and provide resources to share, learn, discover, and enjoy music anywhere without limits.

Vela will be available for iPhone and provides an easy-to-use, on-the-go interface, suitable for the fluid environments in which users utilize music services the most on mobile devices. Velas release date is set for October 30th and will be announced at the 2012 AlwaysOn Hollywood event. Vela was selected as one of the top 25 companies to watch for 2012, which signifies leadership amongst its peers and game changing approaches and technologies that are likely to disrupt existing and entrenched Hollywood entertainment.

In tandem, on October 30th, Vela is launched its first KickStarter campaign, entitled The Vela Music Project, whose goal is to enhance Velas music knowledge to surpass any other mobile music app ever built and integrate a host of new features to make it the end-all, be-all app music-expert on your phone.

Justin; We are very excited about what is to come with Vela. Were continuing our mission to build the all things music app for our community of music lovers and musicians. Imagine a single app with all music knowledge, can answer any music-related question, and has the resources to give you anything music; from lyrics, to chords, to any playlist you can think of, and much more. Dubbed Vela Pro, a Siri-like app for all things music, is where Vela App Inc. is focusing it goals.

Weve done a lot of on research what users want and are asking for, and we think were creating something people will enjoy, says Mason. If youd like to see this product be built, we need your help. I encourage you to support the Vela Music Project on, and in return, get some cool apparel and be the first to get Vela Pro before its release to the public.

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