Q&A: What is the name of a techno song, lyrics “I’m supergirl, I don’t need a stupid boy…”?

Question by Morticias_Lover: What is the name of a techno song, lyrics “I’m supergirl, I don’t need a stupid boy…”?
The chorus goes:

I’m supergirl
I don’t follow stupid rules
I’m supergirl
I don’t need a stupid boy
If you wanna be with me
And make me real happy
If you wanna be my boy
You better be a superboy

I heard it in a club and it’s contagious, but no results come up in Google search !

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Answer by smartbomb314
“supergirl” by saving jane

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What do you guys think about the barbie girl lyrics?

Question by : What do you guys think about the barbie girl lyrics?
Here is a small sample:
“Come on, Barbie, let’s go party”
“Kiss me here, touch me there, hanky-panky
You can touch, you can play
You can say I’m always yours, oooh whoa”
Here is the source:


Is it just me or is this not the greatest message to be sending to young impressionable girls?

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Answer by KellyNYC
I agree with you, those barbie girl lyrics should not be aimed towards young girls.

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Can you write a story with the following George Strait Lyrics?

george strait lyrics
by bp6316

Question by Char: Can you write a story with the following George Strait Lyrics?
1. That wasn’t my chair after all.
2. I’m the Fireman, that’s my name.
3. If you’ll buy that, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona.
4. Baby, write this down.
5. That woman that I had wrapped around my finger just come unwound.
6. Sing a song about the Heartland.

Thanks, I look forward to reading your creative works!

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Answer by Teacher
Giving up your position as father at the dining room table because your job as a fireman is too demanding must be a terrible dilemma. My guess it that it’s really another woman who doesn’t nag about your job. Your wife must really be threatening to do something outrageous to come unwound like she has. Yes, your life as a child in the Heartland certainly didn’t prepare you for all of this.

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Nice Personal Jesus Lyrics photos

Check out these personal jesus lyrics images:

139. novocaine for the soul (eels week no.4)
personal jesus lyrics

Image by ben matthews :::
life is hard and so am i.
you better give me something,
so I don’t die.
novocaine for the soul;
before I sputter out.

life is white and I am black.
jesus and his lawyer
are coming back.
oh my darling will you be here
before I sputter out?

the eels

i feel at this point i should say a little something about the eels, having got to the midpoint of my week dedicated to them. i first heard their single Last Stop:This Town in a car in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, sitting outside the building merchant Jackson Shipley, waiting on my father to get plumbing supplies. this was roughly around my 15th birthday (late august 1998). it was Jo Whiley’s single of the week on Radio 1, and i was hooked. it wasn’t to be released for a few weeks, and i actually counted down the days until i could buy the single. i have bought every album release (other than their best of) since then.

Mark Oliver Everett III, also known as The Man known as E, or simply, E, writes the songs. the musicians rotate depending on the album, or tour, to achieve whichever sound he is after. he can play the same song with different musicians, and produce completely different music. He has had many personal tragedies in his life, and because of that, a lot of the songs have very dark tones. however, he has also loved, and his love songs are some of the most real i have ever heard.

His father was the late Hugh Everett III. he, at the age of 25 developed and discussed the many worlds theory, which has led to the string theory and parallel worlds theory. he was rejected by the scintific community for thinking in such an advanced state at such a young age. a lot of his lyrics refer to the troubled genius – his father. He died a few years ago. when E touched his father’s body, he realised it was the first time he had ever done so. E’s mother died of cancer, and his sister committed suicide. Each album is fairly easily recognisable for the event immediately preceding the writing.