when the wind start to blow lyrics?

Question by GB: when the wind start to blow lyrics?
do you know the lyrics for the above gospel song? When the wind start to blow,everything…

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Answer by Lil Shark
Breathe Holy Spirit, Lift up the fallen
Carry and cure the pain, calling out for Your name
Come to restore
Breathe Holy Spirit, wash us with life
Mend back the pieces a can hear noises
Of Your great work

Make rise from out of the valley, every dry bone must be lifted
And with You’re power come and restore

Deep from amongst the fallen, Bring up a mighty nation
To walk through the earth, when the wind starts to blow


When the wind starts to blow, everything will be moved
Everything’s brought together when the wind starts to blow

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Q&A: Modern lyrics these days have seriously degraded since the 60′s what are your opinions on the lyrics these day?

Question by Dark and Handsome: Modern lyrics these days have seriously degraded since the 60′s what are your opinions on the lyrics these day?
I’m just tired of all the songs that are more than often materialistic and don’t speak about true life and experiences. There are some good songs out there but the songs without heart are just a rare find these days.
*with heart*

Best answer:

Answer by Jeremiah Smith
commercial songs have always sucked, but i would say that music is much better now that we have the internet, it’s much, much easier to find underground artists, and honestly i prefer the underground artists to any of the mainstreams

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My boyfriend has a crazy ex girlfriend. What’s a good song with lyrics about crazy ex’s?

Question by hhollywooood: My boyfriend has a crazy ex girlfriend. What’s a good song with lyrics about crazy ex’s?

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Answer by Random Average Joe
Eminem: Crazy in love
Eminem: Puke
Ugly Kid Joe: I Hate Everything About you
Cypresshill: Insane in the Membrane
Oh yeah, G n R: Crazy

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METALLICA-The Unforgiven (w/lyrics)

Its just Metallica’s “the Unforgiven” with the lyrics. a lot of views. Dear retards (you know who you are) , The album is specifically called “Metallica”. I know that from THE CD IM HOLDING IN MY HAND! Also, Itunes has nothing with black album and metallica on the same page so clearly its Metallica.

This song is called “unforgiven II” by “Metallica”. I wrote the lyrics of this song up for a guy called “stangematter321″ also because it is an awesome song! If you have any songs you want lyrics written up to then please ask I am happy to do most rock/metal songs and others :D thanks…
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