11 Music World Narratives to Follow in 2016

11 Music World Narratives to Follow in 2016
Kanye and Rihanna will release something, Bon Iver and Lorde back … maybe? Where is … News trickled out about Boys Don't Cry, the magazine/album he's been planning for awhile. He even … She writes all her own lyrics and most of her own music.
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The Year in News 2015
Ah, 2015—another year of shocking heartbreaks, childish beefs, and WTFs. We've compiled a few of the year's most captivating news stories, with accompanying comics by illustrator Johnny Sampson. This is by no means a complete list of the biggest, or …
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The 30 best albums of 2015
Courtney Barnett could write witty lyrics in her sleep. The Aussie singer/songwriter dropped one of the year's most lyrically deft albums, full of sweet guitar riffs and her signature dazed drawl. Standout “Pedestrian At Best” led an electric charge …
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